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About Us

Meera & Ceiko began as a small group in 1967 undertaking well drilling & hand pump installation. Today our key focus is on water, sanitation and environment. We manufacture over 33 models of hand pumps. Some of these are customised to meet special needs of clients. Our entrepreneurial skills have enabled the global expansion of the Meera group. Our Projects division has been implementing turnkey Rural Water Supply projects (including source construction, installation of pumping equipment, construction of treatment, storage, transmission & distribution systems). We have received numerous Awards

For outstanding performance and for exports in recognition of the group's technical and commercial excellence.

Our Vision

We aim to establish an international presence in the areas of water, sanitation and environment while maintaining leadership in the hand pump industry through an extremely strong technical and marketing team.

We maintain stringent quality control over our products. Our aim is to provide cost - effective, durable and maintainable products of high quality.

Key Focus Areas

  • Turnkey construction of sustainable water supply projects based on groundwater and surface water including creation of community level capability for operation and management of the systems.

  • Production of existing models of handssss pumps.

  • Development of hand pump technology through innovative designs and alternative materials (plastics, FRP, etc.).

  • Development of ancillary business lines, such as consultancy services and manufacture of related products.

  • Transfer of technology of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation systems to other developing countries through local level capacity building and collaborations.

  • Participation in consortiums as a provider of interdisciplinary man power inputs, construction agency, supplier of raw material and special equipment (HDPE/PVC/GRP/GI/CI/Ductile Iron pipes and fittings; Submersible pumps and other pumps, Water meters, etc.).

Manufacturing Capability

Meera manufactures over 33 models of deep well hand pumps, water treatment plants and allied water supply products. Apart from hand pumps, we also manufacture:

  • Hand pump spare parts, Special tools, Semi-rotary pumps, Water pumping Wind mills, Reciprocating power pumps, Bore well and Drilling accessories.

  • Water defluoridation and Iron removal plants.

  • Fibre Reinforced Plastic products.

  • Cold drawn bright bars and special sections.

  • Pressed parts for the automobile industry.

  • Agriculture implements.

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel components for electrical transmission lines.

  • Special sheet metal fabrication.

The Meera Network

Meera has a well-established distribution network in India and abroad, built over a period of 25 years comprising of dealers and agents in key commercial cities. They are supported from our corporate headquarters, by a skilled sales team for product support, after sales service and centralized storage to ensure total commitment to our valued customers.

Project Management

We have proven financial, managerial and interdisciplinary capability to undertake construction of large rural water supply projects on a turnkey basis, some of which have been funded by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.